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If you are receiving cold calls from someone pretending to be Your Car Consultant we can only apologise. Someone has hijacked our name and using it to make these calls. We don't know who they are so cannot find a way to stop them. If you have any information on who they are please let us know by using our contact form.


Take the hassle out of selling your car. Our service includes helping you to sell your vehicle and, not only that, we aim to beat any price you have been offered!

Call us now to get an honest and relaible valuation.


Looking for a new car can be daunting, confusing and time consuming. Your Car Consultant will give you unbeatable advice and help to find a vehicle to suit your need, whether you need something

• cheap to run, low on insurance and tax

• gives you best mileage for business travel

• or something to suit your leisure needs!

Your Car Consultant is your personal motor industry expert.